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Designing is my joy...  

​Since I was a wee lass - art, music, drama, and nature were my playmates. Mostly because growing up with six brothers was just exhausting and I needed a refined focus to counter my tomboy lifestyle. In school my teachers requested themed drawings for their walls. This encouraged me to continue with artistic pursuits after school. My hobby took a back seat to my main career of administration that lasted for over 20 years.

Though unable to afford professional training, I did find a way to practice my skills on a fabulous 486 with DOS and of course, Microsoft Paint... okay, that was the beginning... and a long time ago. It was many years, computer upgrades, and thousands of artistic hours later that I decided to turn my graphic hobby into a full-time job. 

My current work is mostly with non-profits, start-ups and ministries primarily consisting of corporate identity, signage, marketing apparel and packaging.

I'm not too serious, generally speaking,  but I am seriously determined to put every bit of experience I've acquired into my projects.  If I've worked with you - THANK YOU for allowing me the honor to serve you; it is my joy and my privilege. If you are visiting this site for the first time, welcome, I'm looking forward to making your vision - visible!

If you have a project you'd like to discuss please...

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